3 new things that can simplify custom controls

    • Get grounded
      Currently in hyperpad there is no reliable way to detect if our player is on the ground. Stopped falling works most of the time, but there is the occasional scenario where it does not trigger and breaks your control system. However, the jump and jump with button behaviors are reliable at doing this. My suggestion is that we be able to use the same system that the jump behavior uses to detect if an object is grounded as a standalone behavior. This behavior will probably return 1s or 0s like the get flip behavior. The get grounded behavior will be a simple solution to a problem that I often have.

    • “Walk” behavior
      This behavior would move a physics object at a certain rate without letting it go through collisions. We cannot use set velocity for this as it will result in objects clipping somewhat into walls. Implementing this will improve our ability to create custom control schemes for our games.

    • Acceleration rate for joystick controls
      Currently we can set the deceleration rate for the default joystick controls, but not the acceleration rate. This would make the character reach full speed and turn faster. I believe adding this would greatly increase the amount of control we have with the joystick controls behavior.

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