Light effects

  • Hi folks!

    What would be the best way to make light effects to a platformer?

    What I’m after is something simple like a light on the ceiling illuminating one part of the level and the surrounding area is darker.
    Doesn’t need to be anything dynamic or fancy. Is there a tool for that kind of thing or can I use transparent graphics without making the game too heavy?

  • Excuse me for my English, I'm french. The easiest way I can tell you to make a Light effect is by playing around with the Blending Mode, especially the Dodge one. You just need some Extra Blurred white graphics as graphics for the lights :) And notice that the Dodge Blending Mode will increase the brightness of graphics, so make the graphics a bit more darker or put down the opacity of your light ;)

  • Well I’m from Finland so no worries about the english.

    Your idea sounds worth trying. I was thinking either that or making the shadows transparent graphics, but I think it will be easier to create the lights. Then they can be easily turned on or off too!

    I guess I was secretly hoping there would be some ”light source” mechanics, but maybe this is the best way for a simple retro platformer.