Issues with Offline mode

  • Hello, I'm having a little issue with the offline mode, I think that is maybe just how it works but I don't really know so I'm asking. I'm working into the project for the Halloween event, I have created it offline as I could edit it offline as well because I don't have good connection ( because I know that if I create it online, it would give me a message that tell me that I'm not able to edit someone else project while being offline ). But then, recently, I've been online to check new projects on the hub and after that I returned being offline and I tried opening the Halloween project it tells me that I'm not able to edit someone else project. I'm still able to edit the project since I'm being online just to open the project though so that's great. But can you explain me anything about it, please? Or maybe how to fix it if it can be fixed?

  • Admin

    @XxWhiteHearrxX you can’t edit someone else’s project while offline. If it’s your project, then you have to send it to us so that we can fix it for you

  • @Hamed Yes, that is my project. I'll try sending you the project as soon as possible! Thank you for responding :)

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