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  • RE: how to make a project in just new-

    Have you checked the manual and documentation? There is a getting starting guide, and also a few tutorials on creating various projects.
    We also have a youtube channel with some tutorials there too.

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    This looks really cool, I like the aesthetics and the wobble effect.
    I never heard of Snkrx, will have to check it out!

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  • RE: hyperpad app on steam or Mac App Store

    There are plans to bring hyperPad to Mac. Eventually the viewer app be available on Apple TV as well.

    We’d love to make hyperPad available on all platforms but we’re a small team and don’t want to bite off more than we can chew.

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  • RE: WIP For a one-button shmup

    Looks like a fun concept. I can't wait to see it with your art added.
    I've always been a huge fan of simple one button games. I think one of our most successful challenges was the one button challenge. 🤔

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  • RE: Apple restrictions with Hyperpad

    @xotikorukx said in Apple restrictions with Hyperpad:

    @Murtaza I know this is a necro (for which I apologize), however, after years away and a lost account, I've been following your progress again.

    I'm having a hard time discerning if "prefabs" are part of the "functions" feature you're discussing here. I know back in the days (which was somehow only 3 years ago; yikes!) there was a big discussion about adding them. This was because run-time cloned objects were a major pain - during the game press to transition - having to manage your own ID system and such.

    I'm rambling at this point, so I'll let it be :)

    Yes, we're thinking functions and prefabs will work together. While not the same feature, they will rely on each other. But this isn't 100% the case, and we may decide to go a different route.

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  • RE: Got sidetracked while making my Wizard's Pen clone, so I made this!

    Looks like popcorn

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  • RE: Evocry Minimalist Puzzle Game

    Looks really addictive! I really like the minimalist look too!

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  • RE: Important survey

    I'm with @bosswave and @Jack8680
    On iPhone I prefer portrait, and landscape on iPad.

    It has to be really good to make me want to turn my phone to the side! 🤣

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  • RE: Viewer App now available!

    Currently no immediate plans to support Android.

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  • 1.27 Now available

    1.27 is finally available. Sorry for the delay. It addresses a lot of the major bugs introduced in 1.26

    The viewer app update has also been released.

    If you're having any issues be sure to report them in the bug reports section (and follow the guidelines so it is easy for us to find and fix them).


    • Improve performance of multi pass rendering and also clear on trigger not actually working
    • Enable Dark mode chooser for older devices
    • Add the ability to clear a filtered behavior for behaviors that let you select other behaviors


    • Load Image behavior maximum size increased to 4096x4096.
    • Above that, it will output an error and not do anything.
    • Using “<render texture behavior>“. Text displays “None Selected” when a render texture behavior is being used.
    • Setting a render texture graphic on a wall object and moving it via
    • Move to Point causes crash
    • Interactive tutorial creates blank screen
    • Foreach (iterating through dictionary / array) doesn’t return count
    • Cannot undo or redo changes on Global and Scene UI layers.
      undo / redo doesn’t work
    • replacing text in text operation behaviour returns “”
    • Cannot edit texts in behaviors
    • You can’t change the settings of scenes and overlays
    • Set background color with 0s duration does not trigger other behaviors.
    • Selecting multiple objects then deleting or duplicating them causes crash.
    • Cannot edit or delete attributes in the editor. Can only add attributes.
    • When you click on Get Assets and select Get, it takes you to the hyperpad Shop App Store Preview as if you still need to download the app (which has already been done).
    • Viewer app you can also no longer use because the app always crashes when you want to open a game
    • Backups can no longer load because the app crashes
    • Share behaviour doesn’t do anything
    • Creating collisions with invalid format causes crash.
    • Using Load Image (capture object) on an object with no asset crashes
    • can’t change animations for anything
    • fixed behaviour typo

    Known issues:

    • Changing particle colors (as an object) doesn’t take affect in preview mode
    • Changing visibility of an object then pressing undo / redo doesn’t revert the visibility visually.
    • Using share behavior on some devices makes an image that is too big
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