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  • RE: BrickBuster soon on the Hub!


    Project is great! I left a comment on the hub as well.

    I referenced this video in my comment:

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  • RE: Carrying values between scenes?


    Another way you can do it is to place an object on your UI layer, and store the value on that object. It should then exist in all scenes.

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  • RE: Basic logic help

    @Aceboss If you add a second if and put it beside the first if. It will snap together and turn into an ELSE

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  • RE: Community / Userbase - Active?

    I agree. I much prefer forums than the discord my self.

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  • RE: Cant seem to make animations work

    Can you be more specific on your issue?
    How are you trying to play animations? What is your current behaviour logic set up.

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  • RE: Community / Userbase - Active?

    Hey, yeah the forum seems to have died down a bit. We're hoping to aim more focus to the forum. But as of the community is mostly active on our "unoffical" discord channel created by our ambassador @RobinsonX.

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  • RE: A test game i made

    Thats great. But the WIP/Showcase section of the forum is to actually show what you're working on. So share some screenshots and video so we can see it in action! 😊

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  • RE: Remove Joystick?

    You can simply go to the global UI layer and delete the joystick object from there.

    You will also have to go to your object and delete the behaviour. While the behaviour won't do anything any more since there is no referenced joystick, it's a good idea to remove it just to clean up your behaviours.v

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  • hyperPad 1.37 Now available!

    Experience hyperPad like never before with our latest update! 🚀📲

    Unlock a world of possibilities with our amazing new features, fine-tuned performance, and a wave of bug fixes. This update is a game-changer!

    Your feedback matters! Help us shape the future of hyperPad by rating and reviewing after each update. Your support keeps us going strong and enables us to deliver even more awesome features. Join us on this exciting journey together!

    Download the update now and take your hyperPad experience to the next level. Don't miss out!

    New Features

    • Added a new customizable trail effect behavior that emits a continuous trail from an object.
    • Added a new Stop Visual Effects behavior that immediately stops all running effects or trails of an object.
    • Added duration and transition settings in the Set Sound Settings behavior.
    • Added Affected by Time Scale toggle for Set Sound Settings, - Set Time Scale and Set Music Settings behaviors.

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed a bug where disabling Set Time Scale or Set Music Settings behaviors did not interrupt their current tweens.
    • Fixed a bug where pausing the scene did not pause transitions from the Set Time Scale and Set Music Settings behaviors.
    • Fixed a visual bug with input fields when inputting an output field to a text field that's currently being edited.
    • Fixed rotated particles being rotated back when its parent object is destroyed.
    • Fixed radial particles teleporting to 0,0 when its parent object is destroyed.
    • Fixed the particle’s origin shifting when its parent object is destroyed.
    • Fixed 9-slice objects not saving their colors.
    • Fixed the Share behavior not being able to save images that were from project assets (Predefined and Dynamic types).
    • Fixed Box Container behavior sometimes crashing when opening it in the editor.
    • Fixed the Get Object behavior returning the object's name for the x output field.
    • Fixed the Animation Selector widget being visually broken - there's a huge gap under the widget.
    • Fixed Battery Status outputting battery percentage from 0 to 1 when it should be outputting from 0 to 100.
    • Fixed duplicating behavior trees placing the duplicated tree too far to the right.
    • Fixed duplicating behavior trees to another object placing tree too far from the origin position.
    • Fixed changing physics mode of an object in the editor not updating the properties display.
    • Fixed widget in Load Overlay being visually broken - text is misaligned and clipping into other widgets.

    As this was a hotfix update, here are the changes added in 1.36
    New Features

    • Customize the user experience with the new Battery Status and Device Identifier behaviors.
    • You can now copy behavior trees across objects by holding the duplicate button in the behavior editor.
    • You can now delete behavior trees by holding the delete button in the behavior editor.
    • Added ability to customize button and accent colors for alert popups.
    • The Get Object behavior now outputs the name of the object.
    • Added a new Swipe Gesture behavior that allows for more control of how swipes are detected - supersedes the legacy - Swipe Up / Left / Right / Down behaviors.
    • Added a toggle to use a secure text input for the Alert behavior.
    • Revamped the Load Scene behavior, implementing a new ability to reference scene by name and superseding the Load Next / Previous Scene and Restart Scene behaviors.
    • Merged Make Wall, Make Scenery and Make Physics behaviors into one new behavior called Set Physics Mode.
    • Implemented a new Tilt Sensor behavior that supersedes the legacy Tilt Up/Right/Left/Down behaviors.
    • Implemented a new Joystick Input behavior that supersedes the legacy Joystick Up/Right/Left/Down behaviors.
    • The Get Object behavior can now get all objects in the scene or get all objects on a specified layer.
    • The Get Objects by Tag behavior has been superseded by the Get Object behavior.
    • The Get Attribute behavior now has an input field to define the default value.
    • The Set Behavior State behavior now displays what mode is selected.
    • Added a placeholder view for behaviors with no input fields.
    • Editing rotation in a behavior now updates the UI in real-time.

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed undo and redo system: you can now revert changes of multiple objects at once and undo object tags.
    • Fixed freezing that was caused when repeatedly opening and closing the object color picker and blending mode picker in the editor.
    • Fixed additions of new attributes replacing existing attribute values.
    • Fixed keys reshuffling when plugging in values in the Dictionary behavior.
    • Fixed lots of crashes and unexpected bugs caused by setting values to nan.
    • Fixed particles with Rotate with Parent enabled teleporting unexpectedly when its parent object was destroyed.
    • Fixed a visual bug that caused some fields in the Is Intersectingbehavior to be inaccessible.
    • Fixed typos in alerts when importing assets of certain types.
    • Fixed a bug where a Box Container behavior would output weird strings when it referenced an array output.
    • Fixed a visual bug where stamping an object that is supposed to be hidden appears in a visible state.
    • Fixed being unable to import new animations to an animated asset.
    • Fixed objects snapping to the grid when it isn't intended.
    • Fixed a race condition with Receive Message and Broadcast Message behaviors where Receive Message wasn't ready to register an event yet.
    • Fixed broadcasting to object triggering Receive Message behaviors when they are not active.
    • Fixed some behaviors triggering other behaviors multiple times.
    • Fixed arithmetic behaviors like Math Operation and Divide Values not updating Box Containers.
    • Fixed some typos, inconsistencies and grammar mistakes in the behavior editor.
    • Fixed a bug where a disabled root behavior can trigger twice when enabled by Set Behavior State.
    • Fixed crashes with the Text Operation behavior when using the Text with Format option.
    • Fixed stamping multiple objects being placed in wrong positions.
    • Fixed some specific input fields not updating visually after making changes
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  • RE: No search bar

    In the meantime, you can actually search google for hyperPad hub games.
    Just add hyperPad hub to your search and it should come up.

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