Is the program broken at the moment?

  • New user thought I’d give the program a try, just wondering if the program is broken at the moment? I have gone through all the tutorials and the help guide, but am finding that I cannot even get a character to move and I’ve tried the behaviours every which way to no avail. Sometimes the character will simply fall through the scene.

    Another issue I have discovered is that most of the tutorial pre made levels are broken and do not work when loaded. Most of the time characters do not move or they fall through the scene. Is it outdated? None of the examples are the same or have different features.

    I am running iPad 11” with iOS 13 latest update


  • Admin

    @RoboSabs we're releasing an update soon that will fix the tutorial issues.

    For your objects falling through the ground, you need to make your ground not be passable.

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