• I haven't been using hyperPad much for a while now, but here are some things I feel would be very nice to have:

    • A time output from music/sounds, so we can make rhythm games without them desyncing after a while or when pausing/lagging.
    • Parenting, where child objects scale/move with their parents.
    • File importing/exporting/downloading and using them with set graphic.
    • Importing/exporting objects/behaviours from other projects. This would allow for sharing groups of behaviours and reusing them in other projects, as well as making it easier for people to collaborate on projects.

    Not sure how feasible these are, just thought I'd post them here.

  • I literally though of the same things. I was gonna write exactly that on the forum! I just had another idea in my head, it's a Tile Map features where you can crop many part of a picture to use them as different graphics for your project. And I would definitely love more sounds/music features.

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