Not a bug but an adjustment needed

  • When you use the “Hit by bullet” behavior and select an animation to play everytime it gets hit. Everything works but if i put a destroy object right under that Hit By Bullet object. It will destroy the object before it can even play the animation. My way around it is to make sure that play animation is ticked off under the hit by bullet behavior and manually add the play animation under it. Then destroy object underneath that to get it to work. Would be nice if the hit by bullet behavior would wait for the animation to play out before executing the next behavior. Or even have it executed at the same Time maybe? I brought this up because even though I can work around it. It kind of defeats the purpose of having a play animation inside the hit behavior because i want to guess most of the times you want that object to be destroyed right after.9C0922F5-11D0-4915-9799-39528EF421BE.png

  • Also adding an option to select a sound on Hit By Bullet behavior would make alot of sense also given the fact the shoot has a select sound option.

  • And if your feeling really dangerous and want to be creative. You can even add the “ add to health” inside the Hit By Bullet behavior. You would literally take care of almost all Hit requirements needed within 1 behavior. I would only have to drag out one block as suppose to connecting 7 other behaviors into 1.

  • Heres a mockup for you guys. I introduce you the new "Hit By Bullet" Behavior.hitbybullet.jpg

  • @SplitMindGaming I think adding a play sound integrated into the shoot behaviour isn't too bad of an idea. I don't think adding to health bar is a good idea though, and you would also have to select the health bar to add to in the behaviour too. I also think destroying the object should be a separate behaviour as well.

    I think it would be useful if play animation only outputs once the animation is finished, but since it doesn't what you should do is instead use the Wait behaviour, find out how long exactly your animation is, when when the object is hit by bullet it plays animation, waits for the duration of the animation then destroys itself.

    To be honest I never use the bullet behaviours much any more anyway so I don't care too much what happens to them lol.

    EDIT: As a more experienced hyperPad user I just prefer to do stuff manually, to me it's more fun and makes me feel like I have more control over exactly what happens in my project, and I suspect other experienced users might feel the same. As long as the option is still there to do things manually, it's fine. If adding multiple in one behaviours helps new users learn, maybe it's not a bad idea.

  • Now I'm starting to think of ideas that sound really cool to me:
    Add back the expand/retract thing with behaviours, but maybe make it a button rather than tap and hold so it doesn't happen by accident. Some of the behaviours in hyperPad can already be retracted behaviours, such as bullet based behaviours. If you expand say a shoot behaviour, the sound and animation and whatever else is in then that could be pulled out will expand underneath it, revealing the most basic behaviours (so this would leave only the most basic options behind on the shoot behaviour's side menu). This could be how more advanced users could create custom behaviours, we create a tree of behaviours then retract them into one, and then somehow build a menu for this multiple in one behaviour, we don't want every single behaviour's inputs displayed on the side menu, we'd want to somehow choose which values are displayed.

  • @Aidan-Oxley yeah i tried the wait behavior but think of an asteroid shooter type of game. I needed the object to destroy fast but also show the animation. Because as the ship approached the asteroid. If the object is still waiting to finish its explosion animation for example. It will kill the ship because the object hasnt been destroyed in time. But i like your idea for the retract. Also as developer I can see where people love the feel of adding multiple behaviors just to complete one task. But thats what an app like codea is for. Its a code based app to make games. Hyperpad is visual scripting. Theres more of a market to appeal to the less experienced then there is with actual developers or people interested in developing. Honestly i would choose to have way less steps so I can concentrate on the gameplay and making sure its fun. Because once your game is out on the app store and people are playing it. Theyre not going to see all those fancy behaviors youve done to make a button shake. They care about one thing only. And thats if the game is fun. Where people flow. Theres money flow.

  • @SplitMindGaming Then what you need to do is disable that asteroid's ability to kill the player while it's playing the destruction animation. Another option could be to spawn in a second scenery object that plays the animation so that the actual asteroid can destroy itself quickly.

    I didn't mean that I like using multiple behaviours to complete one task or that I want everyone to see my coding. It's just that to me it just makes sense to have one behaviour for one task. One behaviour for multiple tasks is ok too, but it would be cool to be able to split up behaviours that do that into their basic tasks.

  • @Aidan-Oxley If I understand it well, I think I really really really really love your idea ! 😱

  • @SplitMindGaming I personally didn't like the money part at the end but it's subjective, I guess. But I can see what do you have in mind, hopefully :)

  • @XxWhiteHearrxX Are you talking about the part where i said where people flow theres money flow? Thats subjective? Its a well known saying. Basically in this case it means if you build a game that everyone likes. Then money follows. Subjective? 🤷‍♀️

  • @Aidan-Oxley thanks your spawn idea actually made a lightbulb go on. What i did was actually put a move to layer. Then added the play animation and destroy right under that. This way everything can play out while not crashing with the object as its able to destroy itself quickly.

  • @SplitMindGaming I just don't like when it's suddenly about money. I don't think most of users here makes games to sell it on the App Store 🤷 We just share it freely here on hyperPad 😌

  • @XxWhiteHearrxX i never said it was about money. I said if you build it and its fun. Money follows.🤷‍♀️Lol Whitehear your too much man. I thought it was just me that you were out to get somehow. But looking at how you respond to other people even from a long time ago. Its just the way you are. You respond with a diss first but try to make it up by saying something like “oh but i see what your trying to say”. Its ok man thats just the way you are. I think you probably have too much attributes attached to your behaviors 😂

  • @SplitMindGaming I really don't feel like it, for example it could be cultural cause as a french we really don't like talking about money, we rather talk about passion or something else than this ( wich sometimes makes us closed minded ), or that could be subjective as I said, I don't like subject about money and for you it's normal, it's just all this sort of things that I have to manage with while talking with strangers around the world ^^ It could be really hard , but I'm excited to get even better at talking to people around the world ! And no I think I really understand your vision, by wanting more simple things you know ? I didn't really understand it at first, I thought you would want to make games by one click for example ( Wich is not possible ) but certain things, maybe like clarifying more things and putting more possibilities with behaviors Wich could be cool honestly, sorry if you felt like that tho I'm trying to get better to talk with people ^^

  • I'm pretty sure hyperPad team aren't doing this just for money cause I think at the moment it doesn't earn much for them. But it's still important, without income it would be very difficult to keep hyperPad running.

  • @Aidan-Oxley you should never do it for money. Because when the money doesnt come. Then thats when your interest dies. All i said was where theres people flow. Theres money flow. So if you do it because your passionate and you truly love your game. Then people will gravitate toward it. And wheres theres people. Theres money. Thats all im going to say im going to leave it at that. Also at whitehear yeah i know you are trying to become better bro I can tell by how you apologize after knowing what your saying. Just know that i dont really take anything personal. I just tend to dish out what people Tend to give me. But its all good man like i said before I appreciate you still being around in the forums. Theres only really like 3 of us here.

  • @SplitMindGaming I'm beginning to understand more of what you're saying, it's not really about money but more about fidelity or so ? But yeah, people get engaged in passionate games. I really like that idea, even if I wouldn't use the term money but I guess it's like a citation or something ^^" It's still nice tho to have a bit of activity there, it's not "dead" or so. We should share it freely with our friends ( there's a free viewer app for hyperPad available for iPad and iPhone if I'm correct 😁 )

  • @XxWhiteHearrxX you and Aiden are definitely one of the first people to try out my game when its finsihed. As for putting it in the hub. Im not too sure yet. Seems like people are pretty brutal there with the judgment. When i release the game I only want criticism that have to do with making my game more stable. Because when it comes to sharing your games. People like to share their personal thoughts. Make the graphic this. Make this that color. You should add this. Im not trying to deal with that. When it comes to making games the overall feeling and graphics are a reflection of the artist. Making a game is really art. So maybe ill put it on the hub im not sure yet. But definitely you and aiden will see it first. In many ways you guys helped build the game and you didnt even know it. So I thank you for that.

  • @SplitMindGaming The Hub isn't that brutal. So far the only projects that have received a lot of dislikes were actually quite bad (as in so bad it seems that the person who made it didn't even bother to test their game to make sure it worked, because it's completely broken and seems like they spent about 10 minutes making it before uploading). But mostly people seem to prefer to do nothing rather than give dislikes. I think you should put it on the Hub at some point.

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