Duplicated Socket Events

  • iPad Model: iPad 5th generation
    iOS version: 13.3
    hyperPad version: 1.25
    Description: Disabling and then enabling the Socket Event behavior causes incoming messages to be duplicated.
    Steps to reproduce: Connect to a socket.io server, wait until connected status. At this point, receiving an event causes the Socket Event behavior the fire once. Disable and then enable the behavior using Behavior On and Behavior Off. Now the Socket Event would fire twice instead of once when receiving an event.
    Additional info: Every time the behavior was disabled and re-enabled, it created more duplicate messages / fired more when an event was received. Pretty sure this is a hyperPad bug, tested it with multiple clients (multiple devices on the same URL) and clients with the behaviors disabled and re-enabled faced this bug. I noticed when creating a chatting app when messages would duplicate for some reason.

  • EC149EAA-827B-4273-8029-D709B429D890.png

  • In the image above, the score would increase by 2 each time instead of 1.

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