App wishlist for the Ipad

  • I came up with this idea from my last post and decided to share some ideas I had in mind for some app softwares dedicated to game development. I know these cant be made from hyperpad at the moment but im pretty sure there are some talented developers in here that might know how to make these things happen. Here are apps that do not exist on the app store that would be a good idea to build if you have the skills to do it. Please note the idea of this post is to spark creation ideas for apps dedicated to the ipad.

    1. Spritesheet splicer tool. Though they have free online Web services for these. There is no spritesheet splicer tool that exist on the app market.

    2. 2d animation with bones similar to Spine 2d software. They have animation apps in the app store but all are frame by frame animation. There is no bone configuration app to easily animate 2d images such as Spine 2d and dragonbones for the pc and mac. If anyone here has the skills to pull this type of app off. This is definitely where the money is at.

    3. A dedicated chiptune audio creator. They have garageband and alot of other music creation software. But none are dedicated to the chiptune retro sound. Garageband has a plugin you can use but only for the mac os version. A good plugin that i use for logic pro is called Minibit. Would love to see a version of this dedicated to the ipad.

    4. A pixel maker with all the right tools. Ok so i literally bought them all in the app store and im not exaggerating also. My opinion for the best pixel app is called pixaki. Its $24.99 and its almost perfect. It lacks the tools like a laso tool. Rotate and many custom shapes. A very good app for pixel creation is a software called Asesprite. Its literally photoshop made just for pixels. Their timeline animation feature is also a very Unique approach to animation for frame by frame. The bad news is that its only a pc\mac version. If anyone could make an app very similar to Asesprite but for the ipad. That would be game changer as well.

    Please also share your ideas of apps you wish existed in the app store. You never know when the right developer with the skillsets is reading these things to make it happen. Hint “ hyperpad team lol.

  • @SplitMindGaming Yeah that would be really interesting to have! I only knew Plastic as a sort of 2d rigged animation app but I didn't really liked it, I couldn't work with it. For the pixel app, I don't really know but I use IbisPaint X for like everything ( artwork, pixelart, design, etc... ). It support many features such as Interpolation wich when it's disabled, you can easily work on pixel art. And for every sound, I would always recommend GarageBand cause it's free and it has so much useful tools, I make everything related to sound on it. I would wich for more apps like that tho, there aren't any choices right now, I really hope there will be more apps like that 🤦😭

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