How To Make A Sports Game?

  • So For The Sports Jam Entry, I Am Trying To Make A Football Game. Any Tips Or Advice To Help?

  • I don't know how football works... 🤷‍♂️😅

    I just know that the project is going to use a lot of movement, collisions, tags, etc.

    Here are some tips:

    • Tags can be manipulated to control mulitple objects at once. So instead of many individual behaviors doing the same thing, you can have one object control all of the other objects.
    • When touching an object with a specific tag, the behavior would output the object that was touched. This simplifies a lot of things, and all logic can be contained in on object.
    • Try to limit how many timers you use at one point. Having multiple timers running at once can kill performance.
    • Oh, another thing about tags. You can have two tags for two teams. There could be invisible barriers on both sides and you can have events when a tag collides with one side.
      For example, when "red" team collides with the right barrier, they score.

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