Will this affect performance?

  • I have some objects that are off screen that have physics on them. They are called during certain moments of the game. My question is does those objects that are off screen affect performance? Basically when the game starts I imagine them pretty much falling down forever off screen until called upon. Is it better to just have them as a wall object then turned into physics later or does this not matter.

  • @SplitMindGaming Maybe set them to be scenery objects and turn them into physics objects once they are required.

    Or, what I do, have a behavior that destroys everything with the tag “destroy on start” wherever all your main game logic takes place, attach the tag to the off-screen objects, and then spawn in copies of those objects as they are needed.

  • @bosswave yeah that’s smart thanks for that.

  • Admin

    Off screen objects don't get "drawn" but they can have logic running on them. If they are physics objects like @bosswave described, then they will affect performance since they are part of the physical world. e.g if two objects bump into each other off screen, the bumped object could make its way back on screen

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