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  • Im trying to have my player shot out a flame thrower. I tested a few things which was had the flame thrower object off screen then move to the player when a button is pressed. The only problem with this is that it doesnt move with the player. I tried weld attach but that just messes up with the movement completely. Any ideas on how to achieve this? It would be perfect if i could do this with the shoot behavior but instead of the bullets it shoots out a flame thrower. Is that possible?

  • Yes, you can achieve this using the bullet shoot behavior. Change the bullet sprite to a fire graphic, configure all the Hit by Bullet behaviors and you're set!

    However, the major downside is that you cannot change the size of the bullets directly on the behavior. So if you wanted to resize the bullets, you would need to resize the sprite that it's using.

    Though, the major advantage is performance and reliability because you don't need to manipulate huge amounts of objects to do a small thing.

    (Changing bullet size should definitely be a feature!)

  • Oh and if you're using weld attach or pivot attach, the objects should have zero mass so they don't freak out.

  • @RobinsonX so i actually tried this but i notice you cant add animations to the bullet shooting out. So for example i have this flamethrower fire animation. When it shoots out it only shows this first still image. Unless im doing something wrong which is a good possibility.

  • @SplitMindGaming Not sure if it's the best or what you're looking for, but here's my attempt at making a simple flamethrower:

  • @Aidan-Oxley thanks this a very smart approach.

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