Am I able to design to just this?

  • I mentioned this before as apple released a letter to developers stating that designing for the ipad has to match for all ipad screens. Right now i am having problems with all my objects aligning perfectly with that ipad pro screen ratio in hyperpad in which hamed mentioned its for the 9.7 screens as the 12.9 ipads still use the 4.3 aspect ratio. Lets say i upload my game to the app store. Am i able to upload just the ipad pro ratio? Then also one just for the 4.3? Not sure how that entirely works.

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    @SplitMindGaming No you have to make it work for all ipad aspect ratios universally.

    I think you can take advantage of the get screen behaviour to make customized screen settings based off of aspect ratio

  • @Hamed yikes. Is there any way for you guys to code hyperpad to have the ipad Pro ratio not fall too far from how its being aligned. Literally thats the only aspect ratio that seems to be far off from all the others. I remember aiden couldnt even get the background alignment to work with the ipad ratio. Honestly if he couldnt figure it out. I doubt i can figure it out alongside any1 else trying to create for that aspect ratio. On the game i sent you. Let me know if you are able to get that second top background to align across all screens. You will know if its mis aligned by these screenshot refernce. I would think the relative position fix would do the trickF509EE56-CAAF-4D8B-96B0-B5982DBE0877.jpeg 35CC0F60-C316-44D1-A048-3CE8E5BF8824.jpeg

  • @Hamed honestly i really think it just needs a dedicated background repeater behavior with the ability to probably offset it the way it works with my game with the screen wrap. Because how i had it setup now is from pure faith taking advantage of the gaps between the screen wrap bug. I think that behavior could also setup HyperPad to control parralaxing as well.

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    @SplitMindGaming said in Am I able to design to just this?:


    What's the resolution of your background image? Have you tried making it: 2388 x 1668px?

  • @Hamed i just tested it out with the exact dimensions that i resized from photoshop. I tried it with relative position on and off and also relative sizing on and off and still get the same misalignment as seen on the photos from the 4.3 aspect ratio to the ipad pro. Were you able to get it to align on your end?

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