Registering only 1 bullet

  • Im having a major problem where i cannot get the hit by bullet to only recognize just 1 bullet. I have an object that when it is hit by a bullet an item spawns in replacement of it. The problem is that if i set my bullet count to like 3 and happen to shoot the object close enough it will detect that 3 bullets hit the object at the same time therefor spawning 3 items in replacement of it. Is there a way to have an object only render just 1 bullet hit? Ive tried everything. Ive messed with spray variance and everything and allthough some tweaks would help. There are still instance where it will detect multiple bullets.

  • After the hit by bullet behavior has been triggered, disable it using Behavior Off so the behavior only registers bullets once. Whenever you want it to detect bullets again, simply use Behavior On to enable it.

  • @SplitMindGaming Even if you are destroying the object instantly, it seems you do need to as Robinson said disable the hit by bullet behaviour.
    When this object is hit by 2 bullets at the same time, it disappears and the score is increased by 1. If I disable the Behaviour Off, then score increases by 2 when the object is hit by bullet and the object disappears.

  • @RobinsonX @Aidan-Oxley yesssss that definitely fixed the problem. Thank you so much.

  • I think this should be a built in feature. Its safe to say that when building games you would want that hit object to only register 1 bullet at a time. Otherwise you can destroy bosses by simply shooting them closer unless your trying to build a shotgun then it would make sense to register multiple hit points from a single shot.

  • @SplitMindGaming Great idea! Single register for a single shot.

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