CleanUp Project

  • What exactly does the cleanup project do? Does it also remove unused sound effects? I have a bunch of sounds that i would import to test out which would work best. Alot of them i ended up not using and honestly it would take me forever to distinguish which is being used or not. If cleanup project doesnt offer this it would definitely be nice if it did such as how buildbox has it. 90232BF4-341F-4E4F-AE78-8F841F89572C.jpeg

  • Admin

    Clean up project mostly cleans up weird dangling objects and behaviours that didn't get fully deleted when duplicating a scene or deleting scenes etc.

    I don't think we will add a feature like this because we don't want to accidentally delete people's assets. We try not to delete things on behalf of the user because when something like that doesn't work, its catastrophic.

  • @Hamed hmm maybe a way it can atleast highlight the sounds that are not in use perhaps. Take a look at my sound folder. About 30% of those sounds were test audio that no longer are in use. If it can highlight what sounds are currectly not in use. It will give us the option to delete it manually. I can also understand your point of view. Some developers may import sounds ahead of time and use them later. The highlight unused audio is probably the safest method to please both worlds.

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