Lost Particles

  • This isn’t any sort of game-breaking bug, but I’ve noticed that sometimes when an object is destroyed while in the middle of running a particle behavior, the particle effect will complete its loop at the scene’s center.

    If that doesn’t make sense, the center of my scene appears to be coordinates (16, 4). When I kill an enemy who is emitting particles, the remaining particles will move to coordinates (16, 4).

    Like I said, it isn’t a big deal. I’m just trying to polish my game as much as I possibly can and it’s one of those things that “breaks the immersion” so to speak. Thanks for reading!

  • Yeah I've had this too. Particles also behave strangely when you try to make them eject from an object at a certain angle relative to the object's rotation (you can't make a rocket like effect without spam spawning particle objects that rotate to the rocket's rotation).

  • @Aidan_Fire Yes, I encountered that, too! I think I ended up giving up on adding particle effects to my rocket for this very reason. I thought that maybe I was just stupid and was doing something wrong lol.

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