Save bug

  • iPad Model: 5th generation IPad
    iOS version: 13.6
    hyperPad Version: the latest
    Description: When I did an action to open a door, the value of the key OpenDoor1 was permanently saved. When I restarted the game and did it again, I found out the door was still opened. Please fix this.
    Additional information:
    I encountered this bug when I was making the next RagDrag version.
    Edit: fixed the bug

  • That isn’t a bug. Save behaviors hold onto a value until you change it - even if you restart the game or between levels.

    Like if, for example, you want to save a highscore that persists from one playthrough to another. But you can do a lot more with it than just that.

  • There's a way you can reset your save data in the Debug menu when you are editing your project. And I've been having the issue with the opposite, data doesn't save sometimes and everything goes into default every once in a while.

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