Object rotation issues

  • I just updated to the new beta build and The first thing I notice is that enemies that should be “rotating to player” are instead wigging out. Same thing happened with other objects that are meant to rotate.

    Were there some changes made to the way that objects rotate?

  • Upon closer inspection, it seems it might actually only be an issue when an object is being affected by the “propel object” behavior.

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    @bosswave said in Object rotation issues:

    Upon closer inspection, it seems it might actually only be an issue when an object is being affected by the “propel object” behavior.

    @bosswave we fixed an issue recently where if the screen is rotated, it was breaking propel object behaviour.

    We might have not taken care of all cases. Can you make a simple project of what you're trying to do and send it to us so I can see if its broken?

  • @Hamed so I created a sample project and included everything I assumed could be causing the problem.

    -Enemies are spawned in
    -Enemies are comprised of multiple objects
    -Enemy logic rotates/manipulates the other objects attached to them
    -Screen tilts when ship is turning
    -Enemy projectiles are other objects being spawned in and propelled by enemy
    -Enemy bullets have recoil (propel behavior affects both the bullet and the enemy)

    And somehow, everything functions properly. I set air resistance and most everything else to resemble my project’s settings. My project was functioning perfectly before I updated and I made no changes to my project after updating before discovering the issues with objects spinning out of control.

    I should mention I was able to eliminate the problem in ONE of my enemies - a stationary turret. It spawns bullet objects and fires them with a propel behavior that also affects itself causing it to jerk backwards before moving back to its original position with every shot fired (intentionally). If I set the propel behavior to affect ONLY the bullet, nothing freaks out and it behaves as intended... but the turret loses that “weighty” feel with every shot. With the propel behavior set to affect both the bullet AND the enemy, the turret spins out of control with every shot.

    I can still provide the sample project I made so you can better try to understand what my project consists of: https://bit.ly/34RiHPz

    If none of this is helpful, I can provide my actual project instead.
    Thank you!

  • @Hamed I was actually able to recreate the way my turret’s rotation gets messed up here: https://bit.ly/2Dqgnnq

    It seems that “propel object” is affecting the object’s rotation. I don’t believe I ever had to compensate for that in the past so I’m assuming it’s new. Maybe locking and unlocking rotation while using propel object might fix this..? Just not sure if it was intentional.

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