Phantom Objects that can't be interacted with or deleted

  • iPad Model: iPad 5th Generation
    iOS version: 14.0.1

    hyperPad Version: 1.25 (latest official hyperPad version)

    Description: An object can be glitched by pressing undo and redo in different layers, then pressing play and coming back to the editor. These objects sometimes cannot be deleted, moved or interacted with in your project. Sometimes, they become PERMANENTLY stuck in your project until the scene that they are in is deleted.

    Steps to reproduce:
    • Delete an object (can be any object)
    • Navigate to a different layer that the object was NOT in
    • Undo, redo, then undo again and the object would be in the layer that you are currently viewing (which is not supposed to happen)
    • Press the play button to run the object and a phantom object will be created (you might be able to immediately see it on screen if the object was placed on the screen)
    • Exit play mode and you would see a copy of the object that you were manipulating. The objects have weird properties as described above.

    Additional info: These "phantom objects" have very weird properties and sometimes it cannot be deleted from the project. Doing this bug to multiple objects then deleting them afterwards will cause them to come back when pressing play.

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