hyperPad Resource Journal

  • Hello everyone, here is a basic resource journal we at hyperPad have created just for you!

    We have included many useful resources to help you along with your projects. This journal includes links for great music, art, graphics and more that you can use to build your new hyperPad project.

    It will be a living document, so that it keeps growing with awesome resources for you - feel free to add comments, links and more! We will most likely be updating the journal every few months so stay tuned.

    Resource Journal - Version 1 _ 2021.pdf


    hyperPad Marketing

  • That’s so cool! I’m sure it’ll help a lot of newcomers get started on some awesome projects!

  • "If you're looking for good quality background music for your videos, check this channel out!

    Free to use as long as you credit the channel. I personally use this and it fits very well!"

    • RXCodes, 2021

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