Can I make a miiverse like game/app

  • Hello,

    I need help, I’m very confused how to start to build a community game/app like nintendo miiverse , this idea for a company and employee, what i want to do with this game:

    1- login screen
    2- character creation and chose department
    3- main hub for communication and sharing posts
    4- open camera app for qr reading

    This is the main things in the game, is this possible with hyperpad ??

    If it’s not possible is there any recommendation software with no coding can achieve this kind of projects ??

  • This is definitely possible with hyperPad, but you'll need to use external services to host your services. I would recommend using Replit.

    hyperPad supports and the HTTPS protocol as a way to communicate with servers. Of course, setting up a server takes some technical skill outside of hyperPad but from personal experience, it was easy to learn.

    I would start with as it can be used as real-time multiplayer and many other things such as logins, chat rooms, etc. It's faster and more reliable than HTTPS. There's already some demos already on replit that you can take advantage of. Hope this helps! :)

  • I'm not very sure on QR Codes though...

  • @RobinsonX thank you for valuable information, now I’m working on affinity designer for some concepts, characters, and work flow. I will make a new post once I made some success.

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