Loading animation no transparency

  • Hi guys, new to this forum. I am experiencing problems loading animation in my project. The animation contains a white background but my files were pngs with transparent backgrounds. If anyone could point me in the right direction that would be brilliant. Thanks in advance.

  • Using Procreate on the ipad and whilst it appears to save a png with blank ground Hyperpad sees this as solid. Presently using an app called Magic Earser which does cleanly remove the background.

  • This happens to me too and it seems to be an Apple thing.
    For some reason, images smaller than 500 by 500 pixels have their transparency completely ignored when importing images from the camera roll.

    The workaround is using another app (like Magic Eraser) that automatically resizes images and erase backgrounds OR instead of importing images using hyperPad, you use another app to send the image into hyperPad. For example, if an app allows you to share images directly to other apps, then it's the best way to go; it doesn't reach the camera roll.

  • @RobinsonX Cheers amn thought I was going mad at first. Yes I too have found Magic Earser works well. Did not know it was the camera roll that was fudging things up. Thanks

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