• I try to make an fnf online game
    But THERE A Couples of Problems there I need how to fix and some other help

    I WORK for the with HEROKU
    but heroku Has not all function I need

    So I need this function get Room names
    But heroku Has not this function
    So what Do I do

  • You would need to program this by yourself. The template project you're using on heroku can be programmed to have that function.

    Also, I don't recommend heroku if you are planning to make dynamic multiplayer games like this. :) I recommend something like Replit. It allows you to edit and compile code in seconds so you don't have to constantly make and delete servers to make changes.

  • You will need to learn Javascript programming if you want to expand your server's functionality OR you could use CSocket on hyperPad to program it from there, but it requires outside knowledge.

  • Dude ima even younger than 16 years
    but thanks

    i think i will dont use a server list and made just a simple "Join" button
    cuz i connect already like everything

  • Javascript is very easy if you already use hyperPad. :)
    You don't need to be a specific age to program. I seen 10 year olds who can program pretty decently.

  • @RobinsonX Oh ok
    I finally know for what is Csocket there
    (If it in the description, I don’t read it except for spammed the same word)

  • @RobinsonX btw repli really help with MY Server
    (cough..cough.. Thank for that)
    But another Problem
    I dont really know how to if the multiplayer work
    (im just A Single Person and alone testing A multiplayer not so GOOD...)
    I try IT with viewer
    But viewer is outdated
    so some Things not working
    What shoukd I DO???

  • Making a server for multiplayer takes outside knowledge, so understandably many won't know how to do it - but I can make a video tutorial for it at some point going into depth on how works.

    I recently released a video about using a template login system using and I want to see if people can manage to correctly utilize it before I move on. :)

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