Huge problem with audio and sounds

  • So im at the stage in my game where Im finalizing alot of the audio effects. I am having this huge problem where certain sounds I want are just not loud enough within hyperpad. Such as a dragon roar sound. i cannot get it loud enough where it sounds menacing. It will always sound low. Not sure how to work around this. I even imported the sound to my daw and manually turned up the sound dramatically but still everytime I import it to hyperpad. It will suppress it significantly. Not sure if this is a bug or just how hyperpad is. But I need some type of solution for it.

  • @SplitMindGaming I think this is just the audio engine that hyperPad uses, but not sure. You can turn up the volume of the sound effect up to around 200%.

  • @RobinsonX yeah i did that. Its still really low

  • Yeah.. This is a weird issue - I use a DAW and I noticed that whenever I export audio with "normalized" levels, it's usually quiet in hyperPad. So I usually amp it up over the normal levels so it was very loud.

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