Need help!

  • Hey guys! I’m making a subway surfers like game I guess, how would I make random generated objects? If anyone can give me a tip on this it will be much appreciated! Thanks!

  • Hello! You can generate random outputs and associate those outputs with an event in the game.

    For example, there could be a 10% chance every time that a coin can spawn.

    To achieve the example ahead, you use a Random Number behavior. For this case, you can make it generate a number between 0 and 9 inclusively (10 unique numbers). You can use an If behavior and say that if the output of the random number behavior equals 1, then spawn a coin.

    The coin spawning would happen 1 out of 10 times because there are 10 possible outcomes with only 1 having a coin spawning.

    Of course, you can go further than that and use a bunch of if behaviors and random numbers - go crazy! :)

  • If you have a bunch of different objects you wanna spawn but only want to spawn one of them at a time, I recommend using the Execute Sequence behavior.

    This behavior only executes only one of the behavior nodes connected below. Just make sure you set the mode to Random.

  • @RobinsonX Thanks! It doesn’t work that well, but it may be because i’m doing something wrong, i’ll keep trying.

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