Clout Series Upcoming Updates and Games

  • Hello, can you believe that it’s been a year since I uploaded the one hour game “Clout Gainer?” Me neither! And since it has I wanted to share updates and sneak peaks of all the games I plan on releasing, and offical games by other people.

    Clout Royale - Dangerbites made this offical multiplayer game where you battle it out to have the most clout in the span of two minutes. Can you win?

    Clout 2 Gain- A sequel to the original Clout Uploader. This game is on its first version, but the next update will add a new soundtrack, rebirths, and more!

    Clout Uploader- You might have noticed that Clout Uploader hasn’t been getting big update recently. Well that is because I am planning two last big updates before I work on Clout Uploader 2. That’s right,

    Clout Uploader 2- The sequel to Clout Uploader is in production, Play with new jobs, or work as a cashier in a new, more difficult mode, than clout uploader. This Game will feature lots of new songs, but do not worry, the original songs will be available in the music shop.

  • Sounds awesome!

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