ColorBall v1.2 beta

  • If you haven't checked out my rematsered version of ColorBall, then go play it!

    Once you have played it you will see that its fun, but missing some stuff. Well thats all about to change. Introducing ColorBall update 1.2. This is by far one of the biggest update for ColorBall.

    • Gameplay Music
    • Brand New Store
    • Coin System
    • Highscore system
    • Graphic Changes

    ..and much more!

    I need some beta testers to see if theres any annoying bugs, I need all the help I can get since this is a big update. Testers will have access to the debug menu to test for any problems.

    If you are interested leave your email below. The beta will be released December 18. Thanks in advance everyone.

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