A New Type Of Game

  • So I decided to make a game a hell lot easier to design by using objects only, No graphics which means the game has a very smooth simplistic feel. It will basically be a game with multiple levels and if you tap on the left side of the screen the character jumps left, right tap etc.

    This is an example of some random level I completely Rushed (Will not be included in game) XD
    Is the design nice?
    Also does anyone know how to program the jump for the character because currently I only have that button that teleports the player across.

    Please Tell me all your thoughts so it can be great for its full release!


  • Well depending on how your game works, you could just use set velocity or apply force on the player, if the game is physics based. Because your game isn't simple 2D (like side scroller or birds eye, but isometric 2D) it could be quite hard to make it work properly, especially with collisions.

  • 2.5D as some refer to. All I think I need is a jumping animation really and just give it an overall game feel add GUI Like a pause and progress I'll also make the background a lot more cooler plus add small slightly transparent block to add extra effect

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