If anyone can figure out how to do this, that would be awesome...

  • Ok so let's say that you have two objects. These objects are duplicated using "spawn on object." So now we have two new objects (I'll call them object A and object B ). So... How do we get Object A to target Object B and do something like "weld attach" to Object B. Also, this would have to be done without also attaching to the original object that Object B was created from.

    If anyone can figure this out, that would be great. If we had a way to create a tag and tag/untag objects while our program is running, we would be able to do this easily.

  • @DomiNation Dynamic tags would be good, but right now the easiest way is to have the spawned object in the group, and then set an attribute to an ID, then the other object uses a for each loop with the group selected and gets the attribute with the group selected. If the ID is equal to the one you want to connect to, run the weld attach with the group selected. It's a bit hard to explain, I can make an example project if you want.

  • @Jack8680 so it is possible to target an object in a tag group based off attributes? An example of this would be awesome :)

  • @DomiNation here's an example of selecting a spawned object by attribute: http://bit.ly/2iD1cKA
    The problem with this is that it loops through every single object in the tag to get the ID, which can cause lag if you have loads of those objects. You can only select one tag in weld attach though, so the behaviours would have to be in one of the objects that attaches.

  • Sorry I would help you out but I'm not very good with coding 😅 But I am sort of after the same thing you are so I might find it out eventually 👍

  • @Jack8680 Thank you! This should work well for my project :)

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