A Preview Of What I Can Do

  • Ok so basically yesterday I showed everyone a picture of how I can make a game with just objects. Here is that project that only took 30 mins to make. Now I will begin to work on the proper game hope you can all give some feedback

    Preview Link

    Any and all feedback is appreciated!
    PS: At the edge of the first bridge tap all sides of the red cube then press the blue cube 👍


  • @Perpetual-Games the objects aren't always positioned quite right, that must be annoying to do. Kenney.nl has some isometric assets that are made at a certain angle so the resolution can fit on a grid easily, you could try doing the same.

  • @Jack8680 Thanks for the heads up I'll make sure to alter the size of objects to fit it onto a grid easier! As for Kenny.nl assets I've never really been a fan. I've seen most of them but don't really like them so I will continue with what I have done and just fix all the angles.

    Also if you know are the shadow right? Or should there be a slight overhang shadow on the bridge?

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