• What is the "pointer" on off switch for, in the modify dictionary/array behaviors?

  • Admin

    The pointer switch basically is asking if it should copy the data or use the direct data from the output.

    Eg. Say you have a while touching behaviour and you output that into a modify array behaviour... If you have the pointer switch on, every frame you're touching the object it will update the value stored in the array (similar to a box container). If you have it off, it will only store the value at that instant. It will not overwrite the value stored in the array while you're touching the object.

  • @Hamed oh ok

  • @Hamed Given the target audience of this app, and the fact that this isn't really even a good use of the word Pointer for those of us that know what it means, shouldn't this be something more akin to asking

    "Read & Write Once or Continuously?"

    If so, I think that would be better asked this way:

    Continuously Update Y/N?

    ...Until such time as something better is arrived at in terms of defining what is being done to worry about the strict typing of JSON arrays.

  • @Deeeds haha I guess I’ve asked before! LOL

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