Video capture

  • How did you upload to the App Store without a Mac anyway?

  • @Hakan I'm on iOS 10.0.1 and Airshou is working fine for me. It's not illegal but I think it's against Apple's policy to allow screen recorders for some reason, so the certificate can be revoked and the installer is sometimes a bit dodgy.

  • Aidan if you dont have a mac Hamed uploads it for 50 usd
    Last year I got reflector 2 to make some videos and I made a video using it and uploaded to youtube but quality is very low and screen size isnt ok for appstore

    I think the programs you mention require jailbreak I tried it before but I couldnt and also it didnt look very safe
    Jack can you check my video and help me about it

  • @Hakan airshou doesn't require jailbreak, and uses an exploit where it airplays the screen to itself. You might be able to crop/resize the video you currently have, but it'd still be low quality. If you really don't want to try airshou I can try recording some gameplay for you.

  • Now I remember that airshou I spent one night to make it last year but now I managed in a couple of minutes and works great thanks jack..

  • I have airshow but the thing is that you can't record the music or sounds on ipad. You only have the microphone recording your voice. Also why doesn't Hyperpad have a recording feature like gamepress did?

  • Admin

    @DGames135 The service we were using (Kamcord) changed so that they expected people to use a Mac to stream. They removed the ability to let developers add recording functionality to their apps. We're looking into an alternative.

  • You can do it easily with a mac and there is plenty of tutorials on YouTube.

  • It would be great if we could capture with hyperpad it is also hard to do it with airshou because it effects performance and without a mac it is also hard to set size of videos it looks like the best way is to do it with a mac

  • @Hakan for performance, you could try setting the time scale to 50% or 25% and then speeding up the video afterwards.

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