Video capture

  • Can someone help me to make a preview video for my game?
    I want to make a preview about the gampeplay of my game but I dont have a mac and Nobody around me who has a mac..
    İt look like the only way to capture while playing on ipad or iphone is by connecting it to a macbook.
    So if anyone here has a mac if you can play and save the video for some of the levels pls e-mail to me

  • There should be some iPad video recording systems.

    If I remember correctly @Aidan-Oxley was talking about video-recording software (for iPad) on another topic.

  • @GameCRAZY that app wasn't even legal lol, well you wouldn't get in trouble for using it but if you are using iOS 10 or later, the app won't work. It was AirShou.

  • How did you upload to the App Store without a Mac anyway?

  • @Hakan I'm on iOS 10.0.1 and Airshou is working fine for me. It's not illegal but I think it's against Apple's policy to allow screen recorders for some reason, so the certificate can be revoked and the installer is sometimes a bit dodgy.

  • Aidan if you dont have a mac Hamed uploads it for 50 usd
    Last year I got reflector 2 to make some videos and I made a video using it and uploaded to youtube but quality is very low and screen size isnt ok for appstore

    I think the programs you mention require jailbreak I tried it before but I couldnt and also it didnt look very safe
    Jack can you check my video and help me about it

  • @Hakan airshou doesn't require jailbreak, and uses an exploit where it airplays the screen to itself. You might be able to crop/resize the video you currently have, but it'd still be low quality. If you really don't want to try airshou I can try recording some gameplay for you.

  • Now I remember that airshou I spent one night to make it last year but now I managed in a couple of minutes and works great thanks jack..

  • I have airshow but the thing is that you can't record the music or sounds on ipad. You only have the microphone recording your voice. Also why doesn't Hyperpad have a recording feature like gamepress did?

  • Admin

    @DGames135 The service we were using (Kamcord) changed so that they expected people to use a Mac to stream. They removed the ability to let developers add recording functionality to their apps. We're looking into an alternative.

  • You can do it easily with a mac and there is plenty of tutorials on YouTube.

  • It would be great if we could capture with hyperpad it is also hard to do it with airshou because it effects performance and without a mac it is also hard to set size of videos it looks like the best way is to do it with a mac

  • @Hakan for performance, you could try setting the time scale to 50% or 25% and then speeding up the video afterwards.

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