Clear Project and Asset Cache (What does it do?)

  • What does Clear Project Cache and Clear Asset Cache do? Will they delete all of my projects and assets. Also, Gamepress used to be able to import graphics from other projects. Was this stored in cache and used less memory? I'd love that feature. Even importing objects with their behaviors.

  • I don't what clearing the asset cache does, but clearing the project cache restarts your iPad's memory of a project.

    This can be used to delete memory of hub projects, and to load them properly.

  • So is is safe to hit these without fear of losing projects?

  • One word: definitely.

  • It deletes all the games and assets you downloaded off the hub, you know how when you press play on someone's game for the first time, it downloads, if you exit the game once it's downloaded then play it again it opens up instantly.

  • Admin

    @Aidan-Oxley is correct in that clear project cache removes any stored hub projects from your ipad.

    When you download an asset from the asset shop, it first saves it in the cache, then copies it to your project. This is so that if you want to download the same pack for a different project, its pretty much instant. Clear asset cache will remove all downloaded assets from cache.

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