Bomb Island:Projectile panic

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    Bomb Island:Projectile panic

    After bomb island hit the hub, Miniwolfen built it and built it. It did well but lacked so much, the game play was great but it had no music and there was no save feature.By then Miniwolfen had realized he had built his game on a solid foundation with cracks in it.He knew those cracks couldn't be fixed. So he gave up! He made more games and gave them up and made more! He made a life sim,a portal style game,a job sim,a duck game and a simulator of life in the 20s. But the bomb was still remembered....

    Now i , Miniwolfen am remaking Bomb Island! ..... with some help.. This new game shall be known as Bomb Island: Projectile Panic! It is in early stages though and only has a tutorial level,a boot up screen,a start menu and some wacky cut scenes with some lizards and a crab named Carl Crabbington. He holds a water gun and is ready to kick lizard butt.

    Features That Are In The Game

    1 incomplete zone Sandy Shore
    Bombs that explode and have health!
    A water gun and spray button
    Cut scenes with lizards who want there land back!
    A boot up screen and menu
    and a pause screen with idle text from a lizard who is impatient and wants you to keep playing.
    Sounds for bomb explosion,water dripping and water spraying
    And a work in progress level select screen with one level (at the moment).
    Saving and unlocking Levels

    Features To Come

    A full level select screen with levels.
    New zones from caves to forests that are complete
    Puzzle elements such as buttons(already have the art for them!)
    Underground areas
    Gun amo (for added challenge)
    Boss fights and much more

    Things I Need From The Community

    I really need a composer to make music for the game
    preferably 8bit music but if not then just your own music that sounds good
    Comment and send song links down below in the comments section..I will pick the best songs and import them into the game and credit you in the credits section of the game!

    Release Date

    So far i have no date planned. I'm just working to get it out to everyone fully as quickly and as high quality as possible so people can play it!
    But even with that new stages and content will be added,just like what Rovio have done with angry birds! Make it.Upload it.Then make more Then update.
    And if anyone is asking if it will come to the app store. It might if its good enough!

    Have fun and keep bombing!