Get Array Count with arrays within arrays

  • Get Array Count gives a blank value when it tries to get the count of an array that has arrays in it. Take this array for example and try to get the count of it:
    The result is nothing, but it should be 2.

  • @Aidan-Oxley you need to escape the quotation marks so hyperPad knows that they are not part of the main array. It should be

  • Oh, if I read through the other forum posts about arrays more carefully I would've read about the slashes.

  • Admin

    I actually didn't know about the backwards slashes :thinking: it makes sense though because backslashes are known as escape strings.

  • Wow, you don't need to escape them I think. I just used hyperPad to create the arrays rather than trying to type the array out, and it gave me this:
    Get Array Count gives 2

  • @Aidan-Oxley interesting, I think it doesn't need to escape them there because it's not putting quotation marks around the inner arrays. I guess that makes sense, but escaping them should work too I think.

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