Robo Blue

  • Hi all,

    The "work in progress" version of Robo Blue is now available on the Hub. I have some plans for re-writing a large amount of the code in an attempt to make it more efficient but before I tackle that I was hoping to get some feedback on the game play. This way I can implement any good ideas as part of the pending overhaul.

    A few items of note:

    • There are only five levels available so upon completion of Zone A Level 5 it will not open up any others.
    • In the actual game I plan to limit the action icons (e.g., the arrows) to those needed to solve the level plus one or two extras. Right now there are several extras in the later levels because I think it's fun to just play around a bit. (Alternately, I could have several extras in place but include achievements for completing the level using the minimum number of action icons...)
    • The hint boxes show one way of solving the level. It's not necessarily the only way.
    • I have plans for additional complications in later sections, including laser barriers, doors that can be activated, and power stations for refilling the robot's energy... but I'm definitely open to other ideas.

    Thank you very much in advance for any suggestions/recommendations/constructive criticism/etc. As a side note, if by some small chance you played a game I had on GamePress called Hench you may find Robo Blue to be somewhat familiar.

  • This is in response to a question from Puzzles:

    "One thing is for the levels. Are those multiple graphics that make the level designs?"

    Each level is in its own scene. I started out by creating a "construction set scene" with all the components needed, including one of each of the 18 different terrain tiles I'd come up with. You can see them in the screenshot below sitting at the top of the screen (outside the section that will be seen when the game is being played). They are all prepped and tagged as needed so that when I want to create a new level I just duplicate the scene, turn on the grid snapping, and move the tiles around, duplicating and flipping pieces as needed.

    0_1474250399966_Blue Robo Construction Set.PNG

  • The initial version of the Robo Blue Construction Kit is now available on the Hub. You can use it to create, play, and share custom levels.

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