• I'm thinking of working on Meteor again, and the next thing I was adding was a credit system to buy skins and possibly more with. What I'm deciding between at the moment is either adding credits that spawn and float around for you to collect in all game modes (which so far is just 2 modes), or you are just given credits at game over based on your score.

    Floating credits could be good because it means no matter what game mode you play the credit gain will always be the same, but credits based off score could also be good because it means no floating credits in hardcore to collect (because the whole point of hardcore is that you are just dodging, not collecting anything). What do you think?

  • @Aidan-Oxley you could do both. At the end they could get points for how long they survive, and the. There could be bonuses for extra points. You could also do powereups for like a shield so you can't die.

  • I was thinking about being able to buy power ups, but that would make Meteor like pay to win, players could either buy heaps of credits or earn heaps of credits, then spend a tonne of credits to get an insanely high score.

  • I think I'll just do something like one credit every 30 seconds or maybe less than 30 seconds, this way no matter what game mode you play you always gain the same amount of credits. Credits will move slowly but won't bounce, so if they go off the screen then you have missed them. When I add achievements there could be achievements like reach a score of 1 million that give you a bunch of credits.

  • Having trouble deciding what my tutorial should be like, I don't really like how it is now (too long, kinda boring people would just try to skip through it and then they don't really understand how the game works). Anyone have any ideas?

  • Uploaded a fairly big update, but got absolutely no comments likes dislikes or anything. I want to remake it but the lack of feedback is not very motivating. Is this game worth enough for me to remake it more efficiently?

  • @Aidan-Oxley I think multiplayer would be a great addition....but that has been suggested so I didn't comment it again.....
    Also, you make it a bigger map or something with other power ups to find on it?!

  • @iTap-Development It does have 1 screen multiplayer, but you must be talking about online then? Could try that some time, but would be pretty hard since I have no idea how to use servers.

  • @Aidan-Oxley yes I meant online.....yeah servers is the harder part😐

  • FINALLY uploaded an update (complete remake) for this who knows how old game. How long ago was the OneButton challenge?

  • @aidan-oxley App Store?

  • @gamecrazy It's getting close to that isn't it? πŸ™‚ Well it's been close to that for like a year 😝. But since I've deleted and started over, I've got to add all the stuff back that I'm still missing. And then some more stuff like skins which I've wanted to add for like a year but never actually done it.

  • @aidan-oxley You can always update in the future. What I mean by that is that if the app builds a fan base, users will await future updates, and you need to have something in mind. However, if everything is already taken care of, the user will eventually fade away, and you'll have no way of luring him back in. Unless you plan contests, or some sort of community...

    For Loopy Blocks, I am making a level creator. Each level will have an unique code that users could share by text, instagram, facebook, snapchat... and then in the future, I plan on opening up my website for users to publish, or taking submissions!

    I just played Meteor and I am really liking the gameplay.
    If you want, I could publish for you.

  • @gamecrazy I'm worried that as it is now (well, as it is RIGHT NOW it's a bit dodgy) people might just play it a few times but not keep playing because there's no reason to. There has to be some sort of progress. That progress will be achievements and skins.

  • @aidan-oxley Strictly speaking, from a game design point of view, if you need anything more than a sense of achievement, then you're doing something wrong in the design phase. I think.

    I don't mean this in a condescending sense, even though it might sound it... I compete with a natural tendency to be blunt and frank to the point of rudeness, and the conflation of a "sense of achievement" versus the distribution of (what are known as) gamification attributes, one of which is "achievements".

    HiScores are the original gamification. But, ideally, the sense of achievement should be so intrinsic to the play, and the manner in which a player learns to play, that score and time and all other conditions of play are benefits to playing well, not reasons to play.

    The best example of this is soccer/football kicky ups. Your first endeavours aren't about how many times you can do it, they're about the joy of controlling the ball in the air. Later, as you realise you're getting better, you'll start counting, briefly, then return (almost instantly) to trying to gain sufficient control to do more height, more spin, more transitions, use more parts of your foot, leg and body, and ever more transitions. You make (and shape) the sense of achievement from the inherent attributes of play, a sense of personal style, feel and talent, and a desire to express yourself within both the limits of physics and yourself.

    If you can design a game's mechanics such that it provides this degree of simple cognitive understanding of the potential, and sufficiently flexible mechanics that players can make their own sense of progress and achievement in their skills development, they'll "gamify" it themselves, and begin sharing their "achievements" via the tools they now have, such as video streaming and all the manners in which they can share digital experiences and performances.

    In other words, since the rise and rise of Twitch and the subsequent provisions of all manner of streaming on other services and platforms, and Apple (and others) recognising this trend by providing both live streaming and video recording on their devices, simply getting the game fundamentals right makes all the old "traditional" forms of gamification somewhat redundant.

    Attempt 3.4: Gamification is nice to have, but not at all necessary, Attempt 4.0: Gamification is, ironically, not at all significant compared to getting the gameplay experience to feel just right in terms of its accessibility, discoverability and expressiveness.

    I hope this helps you see you can simply focus on the barebones experience, and later, when folks start expressing themselves within your game, worry about what to "gamify".

  • @aidan-oxley I think that you should do either achievements/skins or multiplayer at first. Then add the other one in later. Maybe free and then $.99 in the future.

  • Using the new hyperPad 1.20 Cleanup Project feature, the database after decompressing the project file went down from 14.19MB to 4.93MB. The whole file compressed went from 8.64MB to 6.91MB. Awesome!

  • @aidan-oxley Where is the feature?

  • @gamecrazy Press the ... on your project on the main screen. Looks like magic wand.

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