Using an if with an inner array causes a crash

  • These four behaviours cause the project to crash:
    Removing the 'modify array' and setting the 'box container' to ["[]"] directly works fine with the 'if', and keeping it like it is but removing the 'if' works fine too (the 'box container' works fine in, for example, a 'text input'). So it seems to be caused by comparing the array stored in the 'box container' with the string in the 'if'.

    Edit: using a 'combine text' behaviour with the 'box container' in the first part and a blank value in the second part with space and new line off (so essentially combining with nothing) causes the 'if' to work with the output, so it is definitely something wrong with the 'box container' not being a string.

  • Admin

    This should be fixed in the next update

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