• Hey guys! This'll be the "Exactly!" page. Here, I'll post sneaks peeks, news about the game, and really anything concerning it. "Exactly!" isn't my number 1 priority right now, but it's probably my biggest project. Honestly, with all the other stuff I'm doing, it'll be done in like a year, but there will be many grand improvements and surprises along the way, especially sometime in the next 3 months (hint, hint).

  • Sounds great :) can't wait!

  • @Benstar Yay! XD

  • To the public... Well, no surprise anytime soon... And I might even abandon the level creator and add something else simple to "Exactly!"

    What I'm really here to say is that I have a new beta game live on the hub called "Don't Look Back" and I need feedback on 3 specific points listed in description section of the project. If you have been a fan of "Exactly!" I suggest checking my new concept out. It's also original, platformer-like, and also ridicolously simple, and will be frusturating as well!

    I'm also here to tell you guys that my game "Infinite Direction" will be recieving an update shortly. I've reworked all the graphics and colors, and added in a shop. I'm working with one bug, but as soon as I fix that (which will probably take a week), the game will be updated live on the hub. Shortly after that, I'll be publishing it to the App Store. And, just like "Exactly!" it's all about concept and rage.

    I'm developing this style and well... It's all based off of "Exactly!" Thanks to all who have showed me support with "Exactly!" It's had over 100 comments! You guys are the best, and I owe this all to you! Hope to hear more from you soon! :)

  • Ok, I have published a new update to "Infinite Direction" live on the hub. And now I'm actaully serious about publishing as soon as I get a chance.

    If you guys have detailed feedback, I would happily recieve it. Ideas for the next update after the App Store? Great! And if you guys have evr published to the App Store I would love help! You can contact me at michaelk.writing@yahoo.com. Or just comment here! Or on the hub!

    Can't wait to hear from you!

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