Spawn with area

  • When using spawn on object with x and y anchor of 50% and you give it a spawn area (other than zero) with 100% randomness (maybe the same with other percentages), the area seems to be wrong, it kind of seems like the object being spawned has their bottom left corner as their anchor of spawning. E.g I'm spawning a small empty object with x and y of about 25% an another long empty object, say 100% y scale and 1000% x scale, I set the anchor to 50% for x and y and set the spawn area to -10 and +10 for x1 and x2. The small empty object being spawned appears below the centre of the long object. Not sure about this with spawn on area.

  • Admin

    Hmmm. Can you send me an example project? And kind of have it marked with how you expect it to look?

  • @Hamed Here's a link for an example: The percentages shown are all for y and all x percentages stay at 50%, so it seems that x works fine but y is a bit strange, unless for some reason this was intended. I'm pretty sure when you set the spawn area to all 0 then y at 50% works fine, but maybe that's because the y area top and bottom are set to default (zero). This is extra annoying for if you were to do it with images - if the image has a strange resolution then to spawn it on a centred area like what I have in this example would be very hard and you would have to find the right percentage (which may even be irrational).

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    Okay let me take a look. Thanks for the example

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