Beanzos Bizarre Adventure

  • Beanzo


    In this game Beanzo the bean must team up with Pewee Peanut to exterminate slugs by doing weird and wacky tasks, so that he can earn 15 dollars to pay back his mortgage and eat more Blueberry and bacon butter creamcake. He must also learn not to call people a fat haggis and save the city from an army of polite slugs who just want to eat things.

    Pewee Peanut-The slug exterminator


    The slugs


    The game includes several rapid fire tasks involving shooting flies at a slug on a platform so that the slug falls off and lands in a chickens mouth causing the chicken to puke as well as pumping slug balloons to make them float and many more silly and wacky things including slugs and random characters!

    Cherry Berry-The hot seductive tomato lady who wows people


    Oh wee! Pewee wants to see some of her tomato bits!


    Beanzo however just wants to get on with the stupid game he is in... what a fool!

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