Do You Want Your App On App Store?

  • Well, you created a really cool game that you want on the App Store but you don't want to pay the $99usd a year well I can publish it for you on my account. For free the only things I need from you is to let me add my own splash screen. And an AdMob industrial ad somewhere (it can be a 75% chance your ad and 25% mine) so I can keep my account going. This is 100% your app.

    in private chat send me your game, icon, screenshots, full name, and Apple id email(so you can see your app in iTunes Connect),

    I have permission from HyperPad to do this. But HyperPad is not involved in this. This is just me and you.

  • Hi Wazk Mobile,
    This sounds like a really good idea! I hope you get someone who wants to work with you, however my team is working on massive games that we would rather search for a publisher who could go without the 'ad's' and 'splash texts'.

    Maybe in a few months time when our project is a bit more developed, maybe we could show you and you could consider not having the splash screen or anything else?

    If we work with you in the future we look forward to it.


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