Group Project, Spelunky Recreation

  • Hi everyone,
    I guess you can probably tell that the titles says it all.
    I am wondering if anyone would be interested in working together to (not necessarily recreate) but make a game like Spelunky for iPad. I've always been very fond of this game. It is fun and has infinite gameplay, Thus I would like to work as a group with other great Hyperpad creators to try and make a game like this.

    I would love this to be a great team project with everyone receiving the same amount of credit! We would work together to create code, textures, designs and could ultimately create a really great game.

    If you would like to be apart of this, please first go to your browser and search 'Spelunky' if you don't know what the game is. Then please leave a comment down below saying that you would like to be apart of it.

    Everyone will be invited to a Discord Group (As it is easier for group communication), If you don't have an account already you'll only need an email.

    I would love if many people could take part and we could create a fantastic game! However if no one or too little people want to help then I understand, and will just attempt to make the game myself, it will just take many years 😅


  • In a week from now I will close the invitation. I hope that at least 5 people are willing to help me create this massive group project! It will be a great journey.

  • I just read a quick explanation of the game, I think it sounds fun. I can help with graphics and programming.

  • @T-Studios That sounds awesome! I'll send you think the link to the Discord Group in a Private Message.

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