Change layer

  • Is it possible to change layer random?
    Pressing a tripper on one of the layers and change to a random layer.

  • In the transform category (advanced) there is a move to layer behaviour

  • If you want to move to another layer entirely, where the object appears on top/bottom and it can only collide with objects in that layer, then you can use the random number behaviour then have a bunch of if behaviours for each number and move it to a layer using that (one layer for each random number). If you just want to change whether it appears on top or not, then just use random number then find the Set Z Layer behaviour in the transform tab I think, you can set Z layer to random number result. Hope this helps, if you don't understand I can send pics or something later today.

  • You can use 'execute sequence' set to 'random' and have a 'change to layer' behaviour connected below that for each layer you want it to choose from; it will activate a random one of these behaviours.

  • @Jack8680 is it possible to send a pic? It would be very kind of you. Thank you very much.

  • @Bryan just move to layer behaviours, one for each layer, each with a different layer selected:

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