Get FPS behavior

  • I think it would be useful if we could get the FPS with a behavior.

  • @iTap-Development you can (and I have in the past, so has Jack8680 probably) manually make a decent behaviours per second timer (which essentially is FPS). Run two timers, one goes every 0 seconds the other goes every 1 second. Every 0 second timer simply adds to a score, every 1 second timer gets, displays and resets the 0 second timer score. So the game should update FPS every 1 second. I guess a proper FPS behaviour would make this more accurate and being able to get your FPS a lot more than every 1 second.

  • @Aidan-Oxley I’ll have to try that...thanks!

  • I don't think it's directly related to fps, but it can be a good indicator of performance. I haven't used that since Gamepress I think, so I'm not sure whether it still works the same.

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