Make names more important.

  • This idea involves a large change in the object and graphic naming system.

    There will be 4 new behaviors…
    Set Object Name,
    Get Object Name,
    Find Object Name,
    Get Graphic,
    And some modifications to set graphic.

    Set name will change an objects name,

    Get name will output an objects name,

    And find name will find an object with the inputted name,
    This will output 2 values, whether or not it found an object, and the object. The outputted object will work like outputted values, and you can drag them into a behavior to make that behavior run on that object,

    Get graphic will output the name of the graphic an object is using,

    And set graphic will now have an option to set an items graphic based on a name.

  • @T-Studios you can sort of do the object name thing by using an attribute for the name and using a for each loop on a tag to get an object with a specific name, the only problem is that this freezes the game until the loop is done, which can be pretty annoying. I agree with setting graphic by name, would be useful especially with a huge number of graphics. Instead of object names, I'd like to see a set tag behaviour, so we could give spawned objects different tags (basically names but selectable in behaviours).

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