3D in HyperPad

  • @Andrey-Ghost That cracked me up XD

    No. FPS isn't possible, if you're thinking Call of Duty or Battlefield.

    Original doom, possibly, with some shenanigans.

  • No, it's possible... just really hard, a lot of work, too much lag, probably...

  • @CodingPhoenixTM @Thecheater887 it's technically possible but I agree that the performance would be horrible. @Aidan-Oxley has made a wireframe 3D and it is POSSIBLE to combine skew, scale, and rotate to make a face with a 3 point triangle (so a square face would be made of 2 faces, etc.) but nobody has done it yet. Aidan and I attempted it once but we didn't finish it, but we got to the point where the triangle connected to 2 of the 3 points but then skewing to the third messed it up because it skews around the centre. We probably could have finished it though... 3D collision detection would be possible but only really using spheres and cubes I think (other collisions might be possible using trigonometry, haven't really thought about it though). Converting the isometric 3D to perspective would be possible by dividing a constant by the distance from the camera I think, and by transforming triangles to 3 points, faces to these perspective shapes would probably be possible but I think Aidan hasn't really worked on it that much because it would be unusable for most things...

  • This post is deleted!

  • @GAE-Network there're too many FNAF games on the hub. It's possible.

  • Actually 3D is possible, but to a small extent. A 2.5d platformer is possible, but real 3D isn't supported.

  • @BaconEggGames 3D is possible, but it needs a lot of maths. Look through my projects. All it does is renders any 3D shape, it can't really make a 3D game yet. After the beta ends, hopefully I'll be ready to update it making it a bit more efficient and adding faces rather than the cube being a wireframe.

  • Very true if your after 3D you would require to make every animation for each turn which is not very smart it would take way too long and require far too much behaviours. So instead maybe wait and HyperPad may or may not support .obj if they do it's becomes very easy. Currently I'm working on a 2.5D game and it's looks very neat! My suggestion if you still want to make a 3D Shooter is to attempt 2.5D. Many 'Gameboy' games used 2.5D and the overall product was overwhelming although I can't guarantee the speed it will run. It depends on your device.
    Good luck :)

  • @Perpetual-Games Aidan is working on something that allows a striangle to conform to any 3 points. With some maths he's going to use it to make 3D, but the performance seems terrible.

  • @Jack8680 I wonder if instead of doing the maths, make a massive array for every combination of rotations, that would make the download large but if it's doing barely any maths it would increase the performance a lot.

  • Less Math/Behaviours means ALOT more graphics to draw. If you know how to do 3D then I wish you the best! Good luck

  • @Perpetual-Games I'm talking about something different, Jack would understand because he's had quite a lot to do with it (not so much contributed to it, more tested it a lot). I don't think I would make a different graphic for every angle you could look at the object, otherwise if you wanted a picture for every 10°, you would have over a thousand images.

  • @Aidan-Oxley I attempted one image every 10° once.... I gave up on the fourth image but mind you they were large images..... not really they were just 64x65 Squares 😜

  • @Perpetual-Games Yeah I wouldn't even try to make 3D that way, my way will have real 3D and you might even be able to make graphics for it (everything is empty objects right now). When the beta ends I'll update it again, this update will add 3D faces and maybe get the shape maker/editor working.

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