BG graphics memory considerations

  • About to embark on making background parallax images to give a sense of speed and space. I'm running on the big iPad Pro (older one) so have the luxury of 4GB of RAM. But for most iPad users, I think the cap is about 1GB. Most of which is used by the iOS "kernel". So how many big sized images can I reasonably expect to use as background parallax layers, and what's the best image format for them if they're low in colour. Perhaps only shades of grey.

    I know this depends on a lot of other factors, like sounds and character images stored/used, too. But I'm trying to get a feel for how much space a few 2048 x 1536 background images are going to take up, or if I need to think more in terms of half resolution images, and scale them... or, even worse, have to break up parallax activity into lots of little images that all need to be individually controlled etc.

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    I think the max graphic size that we support is 4096 x 4096px. However, since you import rasterized images, you could go smaller, and scale it out. You would need to play with the scale to prevent your image from looking too blurry.

  • @Hamed Sorry, not asking about individual size.

    I'm wondering how many large textures I can have loaded at the same time, so I can make complex looking parallax effects in the background.

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    If its the same image, you can use as many as you want (images get re-used when drawing). Usually you want to keep the number of large individual images to 1-3 images.

  • @Hamed Sadly, they're not the same, and I found similar info online about the RAM requirements of big images. And, unfortunately, my images aren't the same.

    Does hyperPad work with the low bitrate image formats that are reduced colour space for each pixel?

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