Create a Smooth (and delayed) Follow Camera: HOW?

  • For many reasons it's desirable to have a camera that doesn't respond exactly as the character does.

    Is there a way to achieve this kind of lerping in hyperPad:

    Using maths, and/or physics objects partially or representatively associated with the hero character, I've created some interesting follow cameras. But due to the lack of a tick and/or game loop with specific scheduling, (or lateUpdate or fixedUpdate), there's a lot of spasmodic jumping and stuttering going on, regardless of what I set the timer value to. I've tried 1/30th, 1/60th, 1/120th and 1/240th of a second. All have the same sorts of stuttering, at differing rates.

    I've tried artificially smoothing through damping a joint to the physics body, using "look at" and "move to" type physics observation and forces and air resistance. Nothing creates a smooth follow camera.

    My hero character can reverse very quickly, and jumps with a good deal of force, bounces significantly off objects and walls, and lands very hard. So the follow camera mechanism needs to deal with this type of highly dynamic hero.

  • @Deeeds weird, I just tested it and get position seems to be slightly broken for moving objects. Simply moving the screen to the player's position on a timer(0) doesn't look right, even though screen to object works fine on a timer(0). @administrators, bug? (Link to project with bug:

  • @Jack8680 What does timer(0) do?

    I'm assuming every frame, but what if I have my physics set to calculate every 120th or 240th of a second? Does timer(0) know anything about my physics settings?

  • @Deeeds Timer(0) is always 60 repeats per second. The only exception is lag obviously.

  • @Aidan-Oxley Sorry, I'm not a maths champ. What does "yo" mean?

  • @Deeeds It means I am not good at using iOS 11 keyboard. Edited to fix it lol.

  • @Aidan-Oxley Cheers. I thought I was about to have to learn a whole new math abbreviation lexicon. Very thankful I don't.

  • @Deeeds yeah, it's 60 times per second. It doesn't adjust with your physics speed, but the maximum fps is 60 so you won't need any faster for screen moving.

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